Winter Curl Care

Your hair and skin need special attention in the Winter, they're at the mercy of cold temperatures and bracing winds plus the dehydrating effects of central heating. Curls can end up looking frazzled and dry.

Bouclème's range is rich in coconut and argan oils plus aloe vera leaf extract and honey which are great fatty acids and humectants. They keep your curls looking tip top due to their moisturising properties and also because they help attract and hold moisture in the hair, which can be a real challenge in winter weather.

Boost moisture with conditioning treatments

Add in a weekly or bi weekly deep conditioning to your curl routine.  Mix 1-2 tbsp of your preferred oil to our Curl Conditioner for the ultimate hydration boost. Our favourites are coconut, argan, olive and avocado. Apply to wet hair and leave on for 30 mins with plastic cap then wash and style as usual. If you have low porosity hair steaming or sitting under a hooded dryer will help lift the cuticle allowing the moisture to penetrate deeply. 

For chemically processed or colour treated hair an occasional protein treatment will help repair damage and strengthen your curls. Beware that too much protein can make hair feel hard, experiment and see what works for you but I'd recommend no more than every 1- 3 months.

Pre-wash treat

Highly porous curls frizz and swell when there is dew in the air. A pre-wash treatment of Curl Conditioner or coconut oil applied to dry hair the night before or 30 minutes before washing prevents hair from absorbing too much water. This helps counteract the effects of hygral fatigue which is the expanding and contracting of the hair shaft with water. 


Apply more conditioner and/or oil to dry ends to help protect them from friction of woolly jumpers, scarfs and coats. If the curls at the nape of your neck tend to snarl together and get knotty extra conditioner there will offer added protection.


A good trim will prevent ends from snagging and frizzing. See your hairstylist for a trim every 3 - 6 months. Remember to ask them to cut your curls dry this enables them to truly see where your curls sit.  

Healthy body = healthy hair

Make sure you look after your body, you are what you eat and a healthy body equals healthy hair. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced nutrient rich diet of wholegrains, vegetables, fruit, nuts and protein. If you need a sweet fix opt for 70% plus dark chocolate.



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