Embracing Your Frizz

Us curly girls spend our life battling frizz and trying to create perfectly defined curls. The thought of walking around with a big wild halo sends a shudder down your spine.

Well this week I was asked by the awesome duo that is Kay Montano and Thandie Newton to take part in their #frizzchallenge. All I had to do was to brush out (yes brush, you read correctly) my curls and take a selfie.

I literally felt the fear, I don't do bushy hair and have deliberately avoided this look since my Mum had me sporting it most of my youth and I hated it!

There was however another part of me that relished the idea of feeling totally liberated of conforming to a 'look' and as I considered how I could style out my frizz I thought this could be FUN. So I channelled my best 70's diva and said yes. Here's what happened.

For the last 6 months Thandie has chosen to free her 'curly' self and embrace her bushy mane and (as always) looks amazing. Read her full story and see her transformation here.

So fellow curlies don't ever feel you need to conform, we've spent so long being told that frizzy hair is bad, unruly and unmanageable but we need frizz to create volume and big is beautiful. 

At Bouclème we're all about loving who you are exactly as you are - this is TRUE beauty. 

Check out ThandieKay's instagram for inspiration.

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