Lindsey Hughes | Specialist Curly Hairstylist

Hairdressers are feared by most curly girls after years of awful hair cuts and meeting stylists who lack any understanding of curly hair (other than blow drying it straight) and how to bring out the best in them.

Meet Lindsey Hughes a curly specialist, she offers a unique way of cutting and colouring curls. A fellow curly herself, she shares with us her inspiration, tips and curl routine.


What inspired you to become a curly hair specialist?

I love curly hair and the diversity of it, no two heads of hair is the same. Also the complete lack of help for curlies out there, no one seems to understand them and after being a hairdresser for so long its such an exciting change to work with curly hair.

You created a specific curl by curl method for colouring curls. What does it involve?

Pintura is the real name given to what I do which means work of art in Europe. With this tecnique the curls are painted individually and the colour flatters the natural base colour and makes the curls sparkle in the light.

What are the benefits of this method vs traditional highlights?

Highlights use foil this is bad for curly hair as the hair gets to hot and damages it. It also looks strippy and unnatural. I prefer the curl by curl as it is alot more creative. The colour is built up and assessed as it goes on. You can see how the hair will fall freehand rather than taking a regimented section and uniformly weaving the hair.

Why is it so important to cut curly hair dry?

The hair changes when its wet, the curl is jepodised and pulled so much and ends up too short.

What are the common issues you hear about from your curly clients?

Not knowing which products to use and how to keep the curl defined. Also where to start at the beginning of their journey.

What does a consultation with you involve?

I love to see photos of clients likes and dislikes. I like to look at the curl patterns and the shape of the clients face. I ask the client what her curl routine is, so i know how the client takes care of her hair. I recommend products and advice to the client making sure she understands exactly what I'm saying.

How often do you recommend curly girls get their hair cut?

On average every four to six months depending on the shape the client wants.

You’re very passionate about using natural and/or organic products. Why?

Because I believe that there are so many nasty chemicals we are using everyday on and in our bodies that I want to help educate the client and keep her free from chemicals and as healthy as possible.

What’s your daily curl routine?

I wash my hair everyday and when I sleep my curl goes almost straight. I use a non sulphate shampoo, co washing isn't for me. Then when my hair is soaking wet from the shower I put in more conditioner and gel and style with a diffuser. Throughout the day I use conditioner and water in a spray as my curl tends to go a bit slack.

What advice would you give to someone who is straightening their hair but considering embracing their curls?

Straightening the hair with approximately 220 degrees is very damaging for any hair but with curly hair it will leave it with lots of breakage and it makes the curl come out after years of use.

What do you love about working with curly hair?

I love the diversity of hair and somehow curly hair clients have a bit more of an edge. As most of them know their hair inside and out.

Lindsey is an amazing holistic hairstylist, she's the only person I trust with my curls! You can find Lindsey at Treat Me Suite, Birmingham and follow her for tips on Twitter and Facebook

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