5 Rules Every Curly Girl Should Follow

Hey lovelies, Rekayla here! 

In today’s blog post I wanted to talk about 5 rules every curly girl should follow. I know it can be really hard to know what to listen to when there is so much information on what you should and should not be doing when it comes to our curly hair. So the 5 rules I’m going to share is from experiences I have learned from having my naturally curly hair for over 6 years. So let’s start! 

Rule 1
I think this is pretty obvious, but staying away from heat is number 1 on my list. I’m specifically referring to direct high heat, such as flat irons and curling tongs. This heat is not your friend when it comes to showcasing and preserving your beautiful natural curls. The continuous high temperatures on strands can permanently change and disrupt your curl pattern. The curls will be less defined and irregular looking, but also weakened and brittle. Staying away from heat will make the biggest difference to your hair from my experience.

Rule 2
Second on my list, is to deep condition regularly, especially if you are suffering from damaged hair due to heat over-use or high manipulation styles. If your hair is consistently conditioned and is in a healthy state, you will not have to do this often, so every other week or once every month should be enough. However if your hair is currently is showing signs of damage, then every week will definitely help.

My latest instagram story tutorial shows you how you can deep condition using Bouclème’s Intensive Moisture Treatment and Revive 5 Hair Oil in conjunction for that added boost.

Rule 3
The third rule is to detangle your hair while it is saturated with water and conditioner. This will cut the detangling time in half, but is also much more gentle on your curls. I have learnt that detangling on dry hair, will lead to you wanting to actually pull your hair out, because the process is so stressful! It will also lead to broken hair and split ends, which won’t aid to the health of your mane. Using a conditioner will add the slip to allow your bush to glide down the strands, as opposed to a battle from root to tip.

Rule 4
Number 4 in my list of rules is to tuck those ends away. As much as we love to wear our hair out (and I am definitely one of those ladies), doing this too often can lead to our hair becoming too dry, because the ends will be continuously rubbing on your clothes and much more exposed to the elements. The ends are the oldest part of the hair so need to be treated to the most care.

Rule 5
My fifth and final rule is to keep consistent. If you are consistently implementing good haircare practices like those I mentioned above, your hair will continue to reward you and respond in a positive way. However if you are doing this on a very irregular timetable you’re not going to see the results that you want or have hoped for within a certain time frame. This is why building a hair routine which you can follow is really important because it ensures you are following the same steps either on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.  

I really do believe these five rules will make such a positive difference to the health and the look of your tresses whatever your curl pattern.  Hope this information has been helpful and I wish you love light and beautiful curls!        

Until next time! 
Rekayla x

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