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Coily hair is the tightest of curl types and also experiences the most shrinkage. Learning how to look after your hair is a journey so we have created this guide to help shape your routine and get you closer to your happiest coils.

Keeping hair healthy and hydrated is important for all hair types, but especially for tight coils, as naturally they can be very dry. This routine focuses on protecting the natural oils in the scalp and nourishing your strands.

5 Ways to care for natural coily hair

Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Pre-shampoo

Pre-shampoo is the process of preparing your hair before shampooing it. Our Revive 5 Hair Oil is a great treatment to give hair a protective layer.

Carefully separate your hair in sections, add a few pumps of the oil to your palms and coat your hair from root to ends, finger detangling as you go along. Leave the oil in for 30 minutes or even overnight. Using a heat cap can help the oils penetrate deeper into hair.

Adding this step to your routine will help reduce breakage in your coils and shorten detangling time.

2. Gently cleanse

Take extra care when cleansing your coils and avoid washing your hair too frequently.

A great way to preserve moisture when cleansing is to use a co-wash (a cream based cleanser) like our Curl Cleanser.  Apply it on wet hair to the entire scalp, massage the product in a circular motion and take time to thoroughly rinse out.

Thanks to its zero foam, cream-based formula, your coils will be hydrated and your scalp will feel refreshed. 

3. Deep condition regularly

Weekly deep conditioning treatments are essential to maintain hydration in your coils.

After cleansing, apply Intensive Moisture Treatment from roots to ends on soaking wet hair. Awarded “Best Product for Afro Hair” by Marie Claire in 2019, our treatment is designed to strengthen hair and enhance definition. Infused with natural essential oils, not only does it smell amazing but it also has great slip so makes detangling a breeze.

For best results, cover your hair with a plastic cap and leave the product in for 30 minutes to allow all the nutrients to penetrate deep into the hair shaft before rinsing under cool water to close hair cuticles. 

4. Wash and go or switch up styles

It’s time for styling: for a wash and go, start with soaking wet hair, divide your hair and add ½-1 pump of Curl Cream to each section using a denman brush to aid curl formation. Follow with Curl Defining Gel and leave your hair to dry naturally.

If you prefer switching up your style by adding more definition and length, try twist outs or Bantu knots for minimal daily manipulation or add cuffs to your hair to create a unique look. 

5. Protect your hair at night

Keep your hair protected at night to extend your wash and go or your protective style. Our Silk Envelope Pillowcase reduces friction on your coils while you sleep, leaving hair softer and moisturised in the morning. Plus your skin will love this too!

Double up with a silk scarf or a bonnet for added protection and your styling time in the morning will be significantly reduced. 

Looking for more styling inspo?

Follow Limitless Bloom's tutorial and see how she applies our Curl Cream and Revive 5 Hair Oil to create this Threaded Bantu Knots style: 


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