Learning to Love my Curls

My curly journey until recently this year, can be described in one word, ‘denial’. I would battle against my curls, straightening them away as soon as I possibly could. I was constantly looking out for the next straightening balm or investing in the next frizz ease product that I could find - desperate to remove every last kink. I was envious of my friends with their long, sleek hair whilst I had to fight tooth and nail with my hair every day to stop it looking like a bush. Earlier this year, I decided to stop fighting my curls and to embrace them instead. I was completely clueless as to how I would achieve beautiful frizz free curls.
It’s hard to know what products you should be using on your hair. Is less really more? As a curly girl I was completely bowled over that I hadn’t realised that there were brands with products designed specifically for people with curly hair. I had always been sucked in by the add ons released by the biggest names in hair products, and had found myself becoming more and more frustrated when these products simply didn't work.
It was with this frame of mind that I approached Boucleme with rather a lot of scepticism. However, my first impressions blew those sceptical thoughts straight out of the window. I fell in love with the smell of the curl cleanser immediately, the citrus and spearmint notes carefully balance with the fruitier notes of the pomegranate which produces a layered and sophisticated scent. As a first time user, I was scared by the lack of foaming from the cleanser, having had it ingrained into me that shampoo should foam and bubble but I carried on.
The instructions on the back of the Curl Conditioner suggested that if you have naturally thicker hair then it works best if you don’t rinse the conditioner out. I decided to give it a go, my hair is naturally very thick and even at its dirtiest rarely looks greasy. My hair felt softer and smoother instantly, it’s a very hard feeling to describe but it felt like I had finally found something that was working.
One of the downsides to my hair when curly is that it does knot very quickly when left in its natural curly state. I took a wide toothed comb and quickly ran that through my hair to get rid of any knots and to separate my thicker curls to create finer curls.
Finally i just took the Curl Gel and applied over my curls. I was conscious not to run my hands through my hair as I find that by doing that I lose the natural shape of my curls. I had to fight my natural routine of applying a terry towel and wrapping that around my hair and leaving it to dry. Instead I took the Curl Towel and plopped my hair into it, before rolling up the sides and fastening it together. If you’re confused by this then watch the video here - it will show you exactly what I’m talking about. 
As I sit and type this, my hair is not quite fully dry but I can see a difference already. My curls are so much more defined, and they feel so soft! If I’m being completely honest it feels as though my hair has had a drink for the first time in years. As much as I am pleased with the initial appearance of my hair, this is only the first time of using the product. As with anything, change takes time. I’m excited to carry on with this new hair routine and see the difference in three months, six months and then in a years time.
Curly hair can be very easy to get wrong, but Boucleme makes it very easy to get it right.
Before                                     After

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