Meet the UK's first Advanced DevaCurl Stylist Lindsey Hughes, Curl Whisperer – Part 2

By Margo Steeden

Read Part-1 here.

Margo – Before we move on to your exciting adventure over in the States and your DevaCurl training, I wanted to ask you about the 'Simply Business Building Britain' campaign and video that you were featured in last month. How did that come about?

Lindsey – Ah yes, that was fun! Basically a UK company was running a campaign on British businesses and they wanted to feature businesses from different areas around Britain and I was chosen for the Birmingham area. It was fun but scary as I had never done anything like it before – being videoed and styled for the shoot. Great experience though! I insisted on staying curly and the hairdryer that I held in the video had to be fitted with a diffuser – which it was. It was so important for me to get the 'curly girl' message out there. I believe in helping people feel better about themselves. I've seen so many ladies that hate themselves and can't see themselves for who they really are. I want women to look in the mirror and like what they see – natural and loving yourself, this is where I'm basically coming from.

Margo - I totally agree with you. Self-love, self-nurturing and building-self confidence is what we women need to be about.

Khardine having her curl-cut with LindseyLindsey - Yes, it all starts in the morning when you look in the mirror. I'm trying to help women unleash the power within. This is what matters to me and this is why I'm doing what I'm doing and trying to take it as far as I can. Next year, Michele and I want to do roadshows around the UK. We weren't able to make it happen this year because we were both so busy but it is on the cards for next year. We'll run workshops all over the UK, reach out to people. It's still in the planning stage but it's taking shape so watch this space.

Margo – Let's talk about your adventure stateside. You've been to the Deva Academies in both New York and LA and received training with the DevaCurl experts. Massive congratulations, by-the-way, on being the UK's first stylist to receive this advanced training – how did you make it happen?

Lindsey – Well, again Michele and I were chatting. I'd been wanting to go out to the states for the training and was wondering how I could make it happen – there's the cost and the fact that I have a little boy. Michele said that anything was possible and she suggested I start a crowdfunding campaign to raise some funds for the trip. I thought this was a great idea, so I started the crowdfunder; explained what I wanted to do and why and asked for peoples help to make it happen. Basically, I asked people to pay for their curl cuts in advance – which enabled me to get out to the states this year and get the training. The people that invested in me then get to benefit from that training, when I cut their hair. So many wonderful people invested – people who couldn't even get to see me gave money. They just believed in the whole concept, which is so beautiful. I've been very lucky to have met loads of honest people who believe in what I'm trying to do. I really feel like I have found my purpose in life. I've found what it is I am meant to do – my mission – I have a belief in myself and I want to do as much as I can. That might sound a bit weird but I really believe it.

Margo – No, it doesn't sound weird at all – it sounds brilliant, Lindsey – to have that self-belief and determination is wonderful. I love a woman who knows what she wants! Was it all that you hoped it would be? What were the key things that you learnt out there – from the training.

Lindsey & Ezzy at Devachan Salon, NYCLindsey – Yes it was great. It was very hard to leave my son, whose only 2½, for two weeks – I found that really tough but I was determined to go and it was definitely worth it. I started off the first stage of the training in NYC, where we learned cutting techniques and Pintura highlighting and then I flew across to LA to cover the advanced training. I learnt how important it is still have a knowledge and appreciation of structure when it comes to cutting hair. You can't just approach cutting curls by looking at each individual curl only – you need to visualise the finished style, what you are aiming for. I'm really glad that I did the training when I did, virtually right at the start, otherwise I think I would have been very confused by the curl-by-curl concept of cutting. You still need to be able to see the shape of the whole head when you cut the curls. Another key thing is the importance of water – the hair needs to be soaking wet to get the curl. I knew water was a fundamental but they helped me really understand how important it is.

Margo – That is so true, getting the hair properly wet before applying anything like stylers. I remember, years ago, applying products to damp hair and wondering why it was such a disaster!

Lindsey – Basically, the training and the experience of meeting everyone over the two weeks, has given me the understanding and the confidence that I needed – everything is more connected. It was awesome to watch Ezzy, the main colourist at the Broome Street (NYC) salon, doing Pintura highlights and everyone was so encouraging. I wanted to stay there because everyone was so passionate. To meet that many people who love doing what they do was incredible. But I also wanted to come back because I have something to do here, in the UK – I really want to make a difference to how people feel about themselves and their hair.

Margo – It sounds like you had a wonderful time doing the DevaCurl training and you have fabulous times ahead Lindsey and I wish you every success.

Lindsey – Thank you, I'm really looking forward to next year and now I can put it all together; the training and what I already know about hair; cutting and colouring and to be able to give my clients a truly memorable experience. I really want them to feel fantastic after their visit with me. I'm really looking forward to doing workshops with Michele next year and some of the people I met on the course said they would love to come over to the UK and do some things with me over here so that's something I'll be looking at in the future too. I can't wait to get started.

You can reach out to Lindsey via her website, facebook page, twitter and instagram.

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