Achieve A Fluffy & Defined Twist Out

Twistouts are a great way to create definition, reduce shrinkage and they tend to help you retain more moisture than wash and gos. The only problem with twistouts is that they can be difficult to get right. A successful twistout depends on the products you use, the way you apply the products, how long you keep the twists in and the number of twists you create.

Here's how I successfully create a defined and fluffy twistout using Bouclème's Curl Cream:

  1. I always start with freshly washed and deep conditioned hair. Whilst I want my twistout to be full and fluffy, I'd like to minimise frizz so it's important to make sure that my hair is well moisturised before I even apply any product 
  1. I then create sections (usually between 10 and 12) and apply the Curl Cream to my damp hair. It's important to allow your hair to dry a little so that it's damp rather than dripping wet. I find the twists dry quicker and I get the most definition if I apply the product to damp hair
  1. Divide each section in 2 equal sections and twist them, the tighter the twist the more definition you'll get 
  1. Leave the twists to air dry. I tend to leave my twists in overnight. If you have to go out and don't want to leave the house with a head full of twists, I'd recommend going for a head wrap to cover the twists
  1. When I know the twists are completely dry, I apply a natural oil to my fingertips (usually coconut or extra virgin olive oil) and start unravelling each twist
  1. When all of the twists are unravelled, I start separating them, looking out for parts that separate naturally to ensure there is as little frizz as possible
  1. To create volume and fluffiness, I use an afro pick and only pick at the roots to ensure I don't disturb the curls
  1. Go out and slay!

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