Caring For Your Curls - Autumn Edition

Hi Curlies! With Autumn around the corner in the UK, I thought I'd give you some tips on Autumn transitioning for curly hair. With the temperature getting slightly cooler your curls are prone to getting drier.

Fear not; I've got a few tips to prevent your curls from losing moisture.


Put an oil treatment in your hair before washing your hair. If you really struggle getting oil out of your hair; mix a little oil into the Boucleme Curl Conditioner or the Boucleme Intensive Moisture Treatment and distribute this into your hair before you cleanse your curls. Leave this in for a minimum of an hour or overnight for a really deep treatment!

Tip: Healthy hair starts at the roots so make sure to massage some oil into your scalp.


Lock it in!

To lock in the moisture apply oil to your hair after conditioning your hair. I've mentioned this tip before in 'My top tips to get glossy natural curls' post.



Use a gentle non foaming shampoo like the Boucleme Curl Cleanser to help keep your curls hydrated and prevent frizz.


Deep Condition

Use a moisturising deep conditioner 1-2 times a week. When the weather is cold or wet your hair needs extra love and care so I find that using the Boucleme Intensive Moisture Treatment and leaving this on for at least 30 minutes after cleansing my hair helps keep my curls hydrated.

Tip: Don't completely rinse out all of your deep conditioner. Leave some of it in and seal it with a little oil before moving onto the next step.


Protective Styling

We cannot expect our curls to be perfect every day and the cold wet air can make your hair prone to frizz and breakage.

My favourite protective style is definitley a bun but there are lots out there including braids and wraps.

It's a perfect excuse to slap on a hair treatment as you usually can't detect the extra product in your hair. I love saturating my hair in the Intensive Moisture Treatment on gym days where my hair is usually in a slick bun.

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