Curly Hair Myths

Hey lovelies, Rekayla here! In today’s blog post I wanted to dispel some of the myths surrounding having long curly hair. I know there is a lot of us who think that more hair equals more work, but I am going to give you a couple of tips that will save you time and energy!

Myth 1 - Long hair is prone to more tangles

The key to avoiding tangles is making sure you de-tangle regularly and thoroughly. Also, never de-tangle on completely dry curls, I mean NEVER! If you have not watched my previous insta stories on Bouclème’s Instagram (which is now in their highlights), I take you through a step-by-step process to ensuring tangle free hair using Boucleme’s Tangle Slayer Wet Brush & Intensive Moisture Treatment. Working in manageable sections (4-6 sections works best for me) will make this part of wash day fly by. The Tangle Slayer Wet Brush makes it so easy to detangle your wet curls and really cuts down on the amount of time that you need. Using Bouclème’s Intensive Moisture Treatment or their Curl Conditioner will give you more than enough slip to easily guide the brush down your curls in no time.  


Myth 2 - Humidity is every curly girl’s (and man’s) worst enemy

When there is humidity in the air, I would recommend wearing a protective hairstyle and using Bouclème's Curl Cream and Revive 5 Hair Oil to seal in any moisture.  Sometimes there is no beating Mother Nature (keep those ends protected!) On other days where the humidity is not through the roof, the Boucleme’s Curl Defining Gel comes very much in handy. It will give you frizz control with medium hold. Your curls will be left soft and bouncy without that crunchy feeling!


Myth 3 - The more hair we have the more product we use

This may be true, but it is not as much product as we think. I used to be very heavy handed, but I have come to learn that over-saturating the hair will not produce any benefits and can damage your hair, such as protein overload. Also, when you need to reapply product to your strands, this may mean it might not be the best formulated products. This is especially true with deep conditioners. Boucleme’s Intensive Moisture Treatment ingredients will actually penetrate the hair, rather than sitting on top of your strands. Plus most of the Bouclème range is available in generous 1 Litre bottles, so the products should last you a long time!

As someone who has almost waist length hair, I think there is so much fun and versatility to be had with long curls, no matter what your curl pattern may be. The constant reliance on heat styling tools such as flat irons and curling tongs can vanish into non-existence. Water is now your best friend, and a daily spritz of water (you can add a little bit of Boucleme‘s Curl Cream as well) will make sure your curls are hydrated. Also, who doesn't love all that volume to play with?! I am a firm believer of the bigger the better! Finally, I think the best thing of all is, as your curls grow longer, you will have gained a better understanding and appreciation of what your curls needs to continue to flourish!

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