Getting The Most Definition From Bouclème Curl Defining Gel

It's always been difficult for me to find products that actually define my kinky curls so when I started using Bouclème's Curl Defining Gel it was like all of my natural hair prayers had been answered.

Most gels that are catered for kinkier hair textures are harsh with a very strong hold but this medium hold gel defines my curls and doesn't leave my hair feeling dry and crunchy. During my natural hair journey I've tried different methods and techniques to see what gives me the best definition. Follow the steps below to get the most definition you can out of your kinky curls:

  1. Ensure your hair is sectioned, the smaller the sections the more definition you're likely to get. I like my hair to be full and thick so I tend to go for bigger sections (between 2 and 4)
  1. Wet each section. I use water from a spray bottle and ensure that each section is saturated
  1. When distributing the gel start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Start with a small amount of gel and add more only if needed. With the Curl Defining Gel I find that a little goes a long way
  1. Define your curls using your fingers rather than tools. Whilst tools like Denman brushes can be great for definition, I tend to get the most definition from medium hold gels when I create the definition with my fingers. You can try the shingling, raking or praying hands method and see what works best for you
  1. Once you've defined a section twist it to keep it stretched and out of the way whilst you define the rest of your head
  1. When you've finished defining your curls undo the twists and leave to air dry, avoid touching your curls whilst they are damp or wet as that will create frizz and compromise the definition

I hope these tips help! What's your favourite way to define your curls? Shingling, raking or using the praying hands method?

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