How to use the Super Hold Styler

Bouclème’s Curl Defining Gel is a cult favourite among many curlies, and for good reason. It’s a medium-hold, lightweight gel that enhances curl definition, hydrates, controls frizz and adds shine. I particularly like it for refreshing between wash days, or for hot summer days when I don’t want to feel like I’ve got a lot of product in my hair. But one was thing missing, strong hold

Super Hold Styler is so much more than a strong hold gel! Well, it’s super hold. But I actually liken it more to a custard. It’s like a super hold, styling custard! Custards are my favourite styling products for creating big fat, juicy curl clumps! The two most popular are MopTop Curly Hair Custard - only available in the USA. And Kinky Curly Curling Custard - which is also really hard to get outside the USA. 

I find Boucleme’s Super Hold Styler is a perfect mix of both, and then a bit better. It’s not too thick and creamy, it doesn’t leave any white flakes or residue if you use too much, nor is it drying. Like most custards, you don’t need a lot. And because it’s got such a strong hold and gives a great cast too, it’s the ideal one-and-done styler. I find it’s best to apply to soaking wet hair. Start off by applying it to the ends of your hair, and work your way up. Adding more water if you need to, rather than more product. It’s a perfectly balanced, concentrated formula, so you really don’t need a lot. It’s suitable for all hair types and curl patterns from the loosest waves to the tightest coils.

 If your hair is feeling a little dry, don’t rinse all of your conditioner out. Or apply a small amount of leave-in before you apply the Super Hold Styler. It’s moisturising, thanks to the 99% naturally derived chia seed, blue agave, algae sugars, kahai oil and linseed. If you want added moisture and curl definition, you can pair it with the Curl Defining Gel. I’ve tried layering it over mousse - which is my go-to curl enhancer that I layer under most products, but I really didn’t find it necessary when I used the Super Hold Styler. It’s the perfect one-and-done! 

As a single mum of two curly kids, as much as I’d love to spend hours with them doing their hair. They’ve got school, birthday parties, playdates, football, the list goes on - they’ve got a better social life than me! So they want something quick and easy as much as I do! I look for something that’s weightless, hydrating and can control frizz as well as enhance curl pattern and give great hold. And all of that to last until wash day! It’s a lot to ask from one product, but the Super Hold Styler delivers! For any stray frizz or unruly curls that have lost their shape between wash days, I simply wet the palms of my hands, use a pea-sized amount of SHS and graze it over my hair, and scrunch to encourage the curl pattern. That’s it! 

The Super Hold Styler is perfect if you don’t have the time, or the budget, to layer numerous products to get the results you want from a good wash day. Or if you prefer a more minimalist, simplified product routine, or have children and want something quick and easy, with great results. So if any of the above sounds like you, or you’ve been wanting to try a curly custard that’s more easily available where you live. (Although Boucleme ship throughout Europe and to the USA; as well as being stocked online by retailers who ship worldwide.) Or you’re already a fan of the Curl Defining Gel, but wanted a bit more hold, then definitely try out Boucleme’s Super Hold Styler!

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