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We’ve all been there - new hair colour, new me. But how do we keep our new hue vibrant for longer? Here are our top tips.

Try co washing

Washing your hair less frequently is a great way to preserve your colour. Can’t limit your wash day to once a week? Opt for a sulphate free shampoo to preserve natural oils that help condition your curls, or try co washing with Curl Cleanser gentle enough for daily use.

Moisture, moisture and more moisture

Moisture is key in maintaining colour treated curls, the process of colouring can increase the porosity of your hair, meaning it will reduce its ability to retain moisture.

Worry not - deep condition once a week with Intensive Moisture Treatment, and make sure to leave the product in your hair for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it out to improve elasticity and replenish moisture.

Give your colour a boost 

Looking to remove orange, yellow and brassy tones from your hair? The Colour Toning Drops work for all blondes, silvers, highlighted and dyed brunettes.

Enriched with deep indigo hues, the drops are totally customisable - add them to Hydrating Hair Cleanser and Curl Conditioner to refresh your colour or use with Intensive Moisture Treatment for a more concentrated effect.

Seal your curly hair with oils 

Don’t forget to seal everything in place with our Revive 5 Hair Oil. Layer between or after your styling products to lock in moisture and maintain definition of your curly hair after your wash day. 

Reduce heat styling 

Tempted to straighten your hair to switch up your style? We get it, we are all for trying new styles but try and limit the amount of heat you apply to your curls to keep your hair healthier and your ends protected. After washing, plop your curls and then air dry. If you prefer to diffuse your hair, reduce the settings on your blow dryer to medium heat with a low setting for a more gentle and localised approach. 

Want to learn more about maintaining your colour rich and vibrant this autumn? 

Let @kayscurlies demonstrate how she styles her curls to brighten her blonde: 


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