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All curls are unique, so it’s important to experiment with your products and amounts to help discover what routine works best for you and your curls. We’ve partnered with Medhi (@socialmedhi) - to share his go-to Bouclème wash and style routine.

Wondering the difference between our Unisex and traditional range? Our unisex formulas have warmer, more aromatic and spicy undertones, while our traditional range holds more fresh, citrusy notes.

Step 1 - Pre-Shampoo & Detangle

Medhi's favourite way to use our Intensive Moisture Treatment is as a pre-shampoo. He applies to wet hair and leaves it in for 30 minutes before rinsing. This deeply moisturising formula contains wheat bran extract which gives curls a little protein boost strengthening and improving overall hair health. It has great slip too so is perfect for detangling curls.

Step 2 - Cleanse
Sulphate shampoos can be drying on curls as they strip moisture and create frizz. This is why we recommend switching to a sulphate-free cleanser like our Unisex Hydrating Shampoo - an essential for healthy curls. The clean formula removes dirt and product build-up, leaving hair refreshed and revitalised. Medhi has an oily scalp so this is perfect for him.

If your scalp and curls are dry, you may be better suited to our non-foaming co-wash Curl Cleanser which cleanses without removing natural moisture. Prefer citrusy scents? Opt for our traditional Hydrating Hair Cleanser instead. For normal scalps, try alternating between a shampoo and co-wash for optimum moisture levels in the scalp and length of hair.

Step 3 - Nourish
Meet your ultra nourishing leave-in Curl Cream for adding more moisture and softness. Medhi always applies his to soaking wet hair for maximum hydration. This step is optional - if your curls achieve all the moisture they need from your conditioner or pre-shampoo, then you may prefer to skip straight to your gel.

Step 4 - Define
Our medium-hold Unisex Curl Styling Gel encourages curl definition without any sticky residue. Medhi admits this gel is his “secret to second day curls”! Not only can it be used on wash day, but it’s also perfect for refreshing (we recommend spritzing your hair with water first and applying to wet hair for best results). 

See Medhi’s routine in action:

Wondering if this routine is right for you? As always, if you need any advice choosing the best products for your curl type then you can drop us a message on Instagram @boucleme or email us at any time!

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