Rekayla's 5 Favourite Curl Care Ingredients

Hey Lovelies!


Hope all is well and you have well and truly settled into 2019. In today’s post I wanted to talk about 5 ingredients I love and look for in my hair products. When I was transitioning from heat damaged hair, this was especially important for me to nurse my deep-fried strands back to health and to the mane you see today. I remember spending hours looking online finding out which ingredients were considered good for my hair. I would then look for what products contain these ingredients or actually add them myself into the products I already owned.


Let’s get started!


First of all, I am going to start with Vegetable Glycerin.You will find that Glycerin is listed quite highly throughout Boucléme’s range, which means that there is a high percentage of this         

within each product where it is listed. This includes their Curl Conditioner, Curl Cream and Intensive Moisture Treatment. This is because Glycerin (in combination with water) help protects your hair from breakage and to retain moisture. As a humectant, Glycerin is able to draw moisture from its surroundings to prevent strands from drying out.


Even at the first stage of my wash day process, the cleansing stage, I still believe you should be looking to add moisture. This makes the rest of the wash day process much more beneficial and longer lasting. Argan Oil is an ingredient that is fantastic for this. You will find Argan Oil in the Curl Cleanser. The focus of a cleanser should be more on the scalp rather than the actual strands, because I believe that a healthy scalp allows for new healthy hair to grow. The reason why Argan Oil is so beneficial is because it is a great moisturiser for the scalp and hair follicles. It also has anti-bacterial properties. So, in order to ensure the health of our curls we should be ensuring that new hair has the best possible start in its life and that starts with a healthy scalp. I believe that Argan Oil definitely helps with this.



My third ingredient is Pure Honey, (also known as Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey) is another ingredient I think is great. It has natural healing properties, helps to add shine and to moisturisedry hair. You will find this in the Curl Conditioner, which makes perfect sense because as with Glycerin, Honey is a great at attracting moisture to the hair (even better than Glycerin in fact!) It is also good for damaged hair, bonding to gaps down the strand.


Fourth on my list is Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera leaf extract). This ingredient is why I really like the Curl Gel, because I know my hair will maintain good hydration levels, smoothing down the cuticles, while at the same time adding that hold I need for wash and go styles. Wearing your hair in such styles can lead to your hair becoming dryer, hence I think to have conditioning ingredients such Aloe Vera in styling products is a must, because it will be the final layer of preserving that moisture.



Lastly, but certainly not least, I could not go without mentioning Coconut Oil. Virgin Coconut Oil was the first ingredient that really stood out to me in terms of the benefits it has on your hair. It’s penetrating properties due to is small molecular size helps to strengthen and moisturiseeach strand. I really can’t get enough of this multi-purpose oil and it is in so many of Bouclème’s range! Coconut Oil is also in their newest addition, the Revive 5 Hair Oil with 5 other wonderful oils. Even though I have been on my healthy hair journey for over 6 years, I am still happy to see Coconut oil listed as an ingredient.


So, there is my 5! You will notice that all the ingredients I have mentioned are very good for helping to retain hydration and moisture. This is the main factor I look for when preserving the health of my curls. Not just when conditioning, but at all stages of hair maintenance, from cleansing, conditioning and styling. So, it is great that Boucléme has these naturally derived ingredients listed throughout all of their products.  You will also notice that you can eat these ingredients such as coconut oil and honey, so can benefit other parts of the body as well as our hair. It’s a win-win situation!


Hope you enjoyed reading this piece and until next time!


Rekayla! xx

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