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10 Tips for transitioning for natural curly hair
5 minute read

10 Tips for transitioning to natural hair

New year, new you? Or how about letting the natural you shine through? If you’re ready to make a change and embrace your natural curly hair, we’re here for it. Transitioning to curly hair is an exciting and rewarding journey, which sometimes requires a little patience – but the long-term results are definitely worth it.

Here to guide you through the process and help keep those enthusiasm levels high, we’ve got tips and tricks that we’ve learnt along the way.

Transition your natural hair with Bouclème

Scroll down to discover our top 10 tips to reveal the very best version of your hair.

1. Drop (or cut back on) heat styling

We get it, this is the hardest part, and that’s why we’re starting with it. You’re probably used to styling your hair with heat every single time you wash it (and if not, congrats, you’re over the biggest hurdle). Plus, we know it can be easy to lean on straighteners, but this of course will mean that your curls are nonexistent and you’re probably causing heat damage. Limit the use of heat on your hair and avoid straightening to give your curls a break and allow them to gradually spring back. Cutting back on heat can be a difficult process to begin with, but you’ll quickly notice the difference in your hair’s health. January usually offers the down time to do this so you can let your hair find its own rhythm.

2. Be gentle

As the days and the months go by, you’ll notice healthier, stronger hair at the roots. Your natural pattern will become more evident and you may notice a difference with the lengths of your hair – that’s totally normal. Be gentle when detangling and styling your hair now because the point where the new growth and the older lengths meet is extremely delicate and prone to breakage. Detangle when hair is wet and slippery with our Curl Conditioner using a wide-toothed comb or your fingers, starting at the ends and working your way up. Just as plants and trees are vulnerable before coming into full bloom, so is your hair. You’ve got this.

3. Try new styles

Time to mix things up. Play with your pattern, try braid outs or flexi rods to blend the new growth with the less curly lengths of your hair. Short on time? Piling your hair up using a silk scrunchie is totally an option, but as always, handle with care to avoid knots and snagging. Our luxurious Silk Headbands are ideal for effortlessly keeping hair off your face and offering instant chic.

4. Learn new techniques

When your hair’s wet, your curls are smooth and we want to maintain that as much as possible. Crucial to having a good hair day is testing out new techniques like plopping and praying hands method. Regular towels absorb vital moisture that your curly hair needs. For plopping, you’ll need a t-shirt material towel like our Curl Towel – or a t-shirt will do just fine. Essentially, you’re plopping your wet hair onto the towel, wrapping it up, and letting it try in its own time, simple. With the praying hands technique, instead of raking product through your curls, spread product across your palms, take a section of hair and bring your hands together, drawing your hands from roots to ends to coat the hair.

Got techniques of your own? Share them with us on Instagram, we love to hear from you.

5. Cut damaged ends

Another great tip is gradually cutting the ends of your hair as your new curls grow in – the more damaged hair you cut, the quicker your curls will spring back. Cutting hair when dry rather than when wet ensures you know exactly the length you’re going for. You should also find a curly hair stylist in your area.

6. Focus on scalp health

Scalp health is essential to a fulsome head of healthy curls. Our products are made to support the skin health of your scalp as well as your hair, making sure not to strip it of natural oils. So once you start using them, your scalp should find its natural equilibrium again.

If your scalp is particularly dry or flaky though, Dry Scalp Serum is the answer. Just as you’d use a serum on your complexion beneath your moisturiser or face oil, these powerful but calming drops nurture your scalp’s microbiome as you use your cleanser or shampoo. No more itching, no more flaking.

7. Deep condition

Talking of moisture, Intensive Moisture Treatment is the number one step we recommend to add to your routine. It offers deep conditioning for your hair, and is a great way to carve out some ‘me time’. Yes, it’s conditioning, but it’s also strengthening to reduce tangling and help prevent breakage. Add to that its gorgeous scent that combines soothing patchouli, precious rose and uplifting spearmint.

It's like a spa treatment in a jar and so versatile, you can even use it as a leave-in for dry or damaged curls. Award-winning? Yes. Hero product? Yes. Your new favourite curly hair product? We think it might be.

8. Experiment with your products

Everyone’s hair is different and so, what your hair needs is unique. Experiment with your products to figure out your bespoke routine. Generally, hair needs less shampooing than we think it does. It’s why we have cleansers in our range, which you can use more frequently, while a shampoo – like our Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo – can be used monthly.

Equally, the amount of treatment products and stylers you use will be individual to you, as will the order in which you use them. Enjoy playing with the different qualities of the products to find the perfect combination for you.

9. Be Patient

As you adjust to a new curlcare system, you may experience what’s called a ‘transitional detox’. It’s not unusual for your hair to behave differently, it can take 4-6 weeks to normalise completely. Take your time to get to know your hair and listen to what it needs – experiment, play, it’s a journey, celebrate every step and don’t give up if you experience a setback.

Our team is always here for you – contact us at if you have any questions or need advice.

10. Try our 30-day challenge

Has this blog got you seriously thinking about transitioning to your natural curls? Or maybe you just want to switch up the products in your routine to plant-based ones? Take our 30 day challenge and set some goals: just choose the kit for your hair type and you’ll receive everything you need to rediscover your curls at their natural best.

If you’re ready for the best kind of change this year, start as you mean to go on – set your natural hair free from the roots down and learn how to love your locks. You never know what other good things will come your way as a result.

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