Our handy guide to the techniques and routines that will work for you.

With all the chat around curls, it’s easy to get in a twist.

Discover your Curl Profile

First, let’s unpack your Curl Profile. It’s about your natural curl ‘type’, ‘texture’, ‘porosity’ – and your hair goals right now.

Finding your type

Curl type or pattern is the natural shape your hair makes. Do you have loose waves, looped curls, tight coils or a mixture? Once you know your curl type, get creative with our styling tips.

  • Waves

    Waves are straight at the roots with slight, S-shaped bends down the length. They may be fine, medium or thick in texture. Waves love volume and definition.

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  • Curls

    Curls are more looped and defined. You might have a mixture of different curls and textures from tighter loops to looser waves. Curls love hydration and definition.

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  • Coils

    Coils are smaller, tighter, sometimes denser. They tend to be thicker in texture but can be fine or mixed. Coils need intense hydration and strengthening.

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Getting to grips with texture

We’ve looked at your curl shape but curl types come in all textures: fine coils, thick coils, fine waves, thick waves, and everything in between. 

 Want to know yours? Take a strand and rub it between your fingertips. You may not be able to feel fine hair between your fingertips at all, thicker hair you will. If you find a mixture, that’s totally normal too.

Here’s what texture means for you.

  • Fine

    Strands feel light and delicate. Your hair likes to be washed regularly and dries quickly.

    Your perfect products: Go for lightweight products that add volume and hold without heaviness.

  • Medium

    Your hair styles easily and holds curls well. Medium texture hair loves a bit of moisture to keep it fresh and juicy.

    Your perfect products: Pick moisturising products that focus on definition.

  • Thick

    Strands feel full and strong. Your hair dries slowly and holds styles well. Nourish your hair with all the hydration and moisture you can.

    Your perfect products: Go all out with the thicker and more buttery textures to give your hair the TLC it needs.

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Understanding moisture

Now we’re getting more technical! Porosity is how your hair handles moisture. Does it absorb moisture easily or often feel like it needs more? It’s important because the lower porosity, the lighter weight products to consider.

If you have low porosity, your hair needs a little help letting moisture sink in. Use heat from a hairdryer, steamer or hooded dryer to feel the full effects of a deep treatment.

With medium porosity hair, your hair absorbs and retains moisture easily. 

High porosity hair loves lots of moisture but needs help sealing in all that goodness. Protein treatments strengthen your hair shaft, making sure moisture sticks around. Layering your products helps lock it in.

Knowing your hair goals

Whatever your hair type, we know you’ll probably have certain things you’re looking for help with. We hear three common goals all the time.

  • Definition

    You want thick, defined and separated curls that hold up against whatever your day has in store. With a combination of products and techniques, you can achieve the well-defined curls of your dreams.

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  • Strength

    Your curls deserve some extra love after heat, colour or just because. Our curls are delicate things and sometimes the elements cause them to lose their shine. Moisturising and protein-rich treatments are the key to getting back on track.

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  • Volume

    Did somebody say turn it up? Max out your volume from root to tip. Switch up your stylers to more lightweight products applied to midsections and ends. Then grab your diffuser and tip your head upside down to deliver all the lift you’ll ever need.

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