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Curl repair with Bouclème
3 minute read

Curl Repair 101: Bring Your Curly Hair Back To Life

And just like that, summer is over and we’re welcoming in autumn. Despite the days getting shorter though, who isn’t excited about strolling through leaves in wellies, drinking pumpkin spiced lattes, and snuggling up in their new season knits? Every season definitely does have its attractions, but how does your hair feel about it?

If your curls have enjoyed a bit too much time in the sun (read: sun damage – we’re not judging BTW) this is the perfect time to start a new routine. Maybe you’re transitioning from a relaxer, watching bleached curls grow out, or perhaps you heat style your hair often? No worries, we’ve got you.

Bring your curls back to life this autumn with our top five tips:Curl Repair 101

1. Nourish your curls with a mask

Revive your hair with a weekly deep conditioning treatment to give your strands the hydration they’re craving. Our Intensive Moisture Treatment is quite the multitasker as it can be used as a pre-’poo treatment, as a rinse-out conditioner, or as a leave in. Just listen to your own hair’s needs and find the routine that works for you. If you use it as a leave in, level up your self care and chill with a warming cup of hot chocolate too. Just sayin’.

2. Add protein to your routine

Curly hair needs both protein and moisture to stay healthy and strong but sometimes finding the right balance can be a challenge. Our Protein Booster is the easiest way to include protein in your routine. Add these powerful drops to your cleanser and conditioner and rinse out or use with your leave in products for a more intensive effect. Improved elasticity and stronger bonds are yours with minimum effort.

3. ‘Dress’ your curls for the weather

Humidity levels and dew points play an important role in the success of your wash day. Start your morning routine by checking your weather app and plan accordingly – it’s a game-changer.

On dry autumn or winter days with a low dew point (below 2°C/35F), opt for leave in conditioners and moisturising oils. Think Intensive Moisture Treatment, Curl Cream and Revive 5 Hair Oil. Layer up for extra hydration. Layering your products on top of one another brings longer lasting moisture and definition.

In normal conditions (a dew point within the range of 2 and 16°C/35 and 60°F), use our core range and let the glycerin in its formulations draw moisture into your hair when it needs it the most.

Humid days with a very high dew point (above 16°C/60°F) call for lightweight, glycerin-free products like the ones in our Seal + Shield range. Our new collection is packed with protective natural actives and will keep your curls sleek and defined whether it’s hot and sweaty or cool and drizzly. This is the range we know that so many of you have been waiting for!

Check out our recent blog post for more humidity hacks.

4. Protect your hair at night

Switch to silk with the Bouclème Pillowcase to reduce friction whilst you sleep. Silk is a lot smoother than cotton – this will help preserve the natural oils in your hair and reduce breakage, so you’ll wake up to glossier, healthier curls (and you can genuinely say #WokeUpLikeThis).

5. Book a curly cut

Whether you’re ready for the ‘big chop’ or you’d rather start the season with a little trim, visit our Salon Finder to seek out the closest curl specialist to you. A good trim will get rid of your damaged ends and help bring out your best curls, waves and coils.

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