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Curly hair tips: high porosity hair products
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Curly Hair Tips: High Porosity Hair Products

Do you find your curls tangle easily or become frizzy the second there’s a hint of moisture in the air? Is your hair dry, brittle, and prone to snapping? Does it become wet quickly in the shower but is equally fast to dry? If this is you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s likely you have high porosity hair.  

three women with curly hair

Unlike low porosity hair, high porosity hair has a very loose outermost layer that absorbs water fast. And often, this open, porous hair structure also struggles to retain moisture.     

As ever, knowledge is power and we’re here for you. 

Welcome to Bouclème’s guide to high porosity hair products and haircare tips: we explain the simple steps and natural products you can use to strengthen your hair’s structure, lock in that all-important moisture and bring back the shine.  

We’ll give you the lowdown on how to cleanse, condition and nourish high porosity hair. We’ll also share our top tips on drying and styling so you can wave goodbye to tangles and breakages. Get ready to transform your locks into the bouncy, defined curls we all love. 

High porosity hair meaning 

You may have heard of the term high porosity but ignored it as you weren’t sure of its meaning or whether it was relevant to you and your curls. We tend to focus on the texture of our hair, or whether our curls are tight, loose or wavy. The truth is, knowing whether you have high, low or medium porosity hair is important because each type needs to be treated differently. 

It all comes down to how your hair cuticle, the outer layer of your hair, is structured and how it absorbs moisture. 

woman cleansing her curly hair with Bouclème products in a shower

Think of high porosity hair as being like a woven basket that quickly absorbs anything you might pour into it. However, there’s a catch: the basket is full of holes because its fibres are very loose so the liquid flows out just as fast. This inability to retain moisture in your hair leads to dryness, which not only makes your hair dull and difficult to manage but also stops it from growing healthily. 

It’s worth mentioning that having high porosity hair could be down to your genes, your age or whether you colour or chemically treat your hair. Often the mid-length to ends of your hair can be more porous due to more exposure than newer hair. 

Head to this blog article to find out how to look after low porosity hair.

7 steps to care for high porosity hair

1. Choose nourishing high porosity natural hair products

Avoid products with harsh ingredients such as sulphates, parabens or silicone, as these chemicals can strip your hair of its natural oils. Instead, look for naturally nourishing and hydrating ingredients such as mongongo oil and sea buckthorn, found in our sulphate-free Hydrating Hair Cleanser

We also love Curl Cleanser, a great shampoo for high porosity hair, thanks to the wonder ingredient virgin coconut oil, renowned for its moisturising and strengthening qualities. However, try to wash your hair as little as possible to preserve the moisture in your strands. 

2. Add moisture in layers and be gentle with your hair

The golden rule for high porosity hair is to never skip conditioner. Think about ways you can layer on nourishing products for high porosity hair, such as leave-in conditioners and regular hair masks to replenish moisture. 

Bouclème's curly hair accessories

Pro tip: detangle your hair with our detangling wet brush for minimal effort and maximum definition. 

3. Lock in moisture using an oil

High porosity hair products like serums, creams and oils can help seal in moisture. Depending on the look you’re going for, choose between the LCO method (liquid, cream, then oil) or the LOC method (yup, you’ve guessed it, liquid, oil, then cream).

woman with coily hair applying Bouclème's Curl Cream

Our rich leave-in Curl Cream is ultra-nourishing and leaves your curls soft and velvety. 

4. Strengthen the structure of your hair

Add proteins to your haircare routine to rebuild the hair cuticle, enhance elasticity and power up your curls. High porosity hair is particularly prone to protein loss, so incorporating protein-rich shampoos, conditioners and masks into your haircare routine can be a game-changer. 

Pro tip: turbocharge your cleanser, conditioner, or Curl Cream with these powerful drops for improved elasticity and stronger bonds that protect against breakage. 

5. Be gentle when drying your hair

High porosity hair requires gentle drying to prevent damage. Skip the harsh terry cloth and opt for our soft jersey Curl Towel, which is less abrasive on the hair and helps reduce frizz and drying time. Limit or avoid heat styling altogether, or use the lowest setting possible. 

woman wearing Bouclème's Curl Towel for drying curly hair

Pro tip: plop and wrap your curls while you get dressed.

6. Use a silk pillowcase at night 

The smooth surface of silk reduces friction, preventing moisture loss, breakage, and those dreaded tangles. It’s like a spa treatment for your hair (and your skin!) while you sleep. Ditch the cotton pillowcase and embrace the luxury of silk with our Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Pro tip: add our Silk Turban into the mix to protect your curls even more while you snooze.

woman holding Bouclème's silk pillowcase

7. Avoid tight styling

We recommend avoiding high ponytails and messy buns as these styles often pull at the hair and lead to breakages. Opt for loose styles or plaits. Or better still, unleash your curls for the world to marvel at and wear your hair down! 

Now you know how to get the most out of your high porosity hair, your routine just got a lot more interesting. Ready to unleash your hair’s full potential? Bouclème’s got your back. We love creating personalised haircare that nourishes from the inside out, giving you the tools to create a routine that works for YOU. Say hello to healthy, gorgeous hair that's uniquely yours.

Let us know how you get on with our tips and don’t forget to drop us a line or share any pictures of your newly found bounce.

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