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Restore damaged hair with Bouclème
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How a protein treatment restores damaged curly hair | Bouclème

As much as we love switching up hairstyles and hair colour, sometimes excessive heat or bleach can have a lasting effect on our curls. But hey, we’re not here to judge, because a change – especially at this time of year – can be good, and if we’re honest, we’ve tried it all.

So here’s what we learnt along the way, collected in our top 5 tips on how to help restore life to your curly hair and why protein can be a game changer.

Restore damaged curl with a protein booster

1. Give up heat styling (please)

Debating whether to straighten your curls for that event that’s coming up? We know how easy it is to reach for the straighteners or curling wand for a quick fix. We get it, it takes time and effort to break the cycle.

Reduce heat styling by getting yourself a Curl Towel – you’ll be an expert in plopping and air drying your hair in no time.

Another great way to take the heat off your hair is to try that cute updo you’ve seen on Instagram or to get braids. Play with your pattern and continue working on your healthy hair journey. Not to be cliché here, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

2. Trim your ends

Cutting off damaged ends is a safe shortcut (excuse the pun) to bringing your curls back. But if you’re not comfortable with a shorter style, visit your local curly hair stylist for regular trims.* It’s all about Team Health over Team Length on this one (plus healthy hair grows faster too!).

*or check out our Salon Finder to find one closer to you.

3. Fall in love with your natural colour

We’re here to celebrate the hair you were born with and we’ll guide you on your path to rediscover your love for your locks.

Not ready to give up on your blonde highlights? We won’t judge. Try to limit the visits to the hairdresser for a lightening session. Instead, maintain brilliant colour for longer with our Colour Toning Drops. Your curl rehab just got less intense.

4. Deep condition weekly

Start your selfcare Sunday by rehydrating your hair in the shower. After cleansing your scalp with Curl Cleanser, apply Intensive Moisture Treatment to your lengths in sections. Leave it in for 10-15 minutes and then gently detangle your hair. Our deeply nourishing treatment can be rinsed out completely, partially or can be used as a leave-in (unless you have very fine hair that gets easily weighed down).

5. Add a protein treatment to your weekly routine

We saved the best for last – this is a biggie. Power up your routine by incorporating a bonding hair treatment to your wash day. Damaged hair needs and loves protein, so your curls are in for a treat.

We're all for a simple (and planet friendly) routine that’s fully adaptable to our hair’s changing needs. That’s why our new Protein Booster is rooted in nature, fully customisable, and is compatible with Intensive Moisture Treatment, Curl Cleanser, Hydrating Hair Cleanser, Curl Conditioner, and Curl Cream for the ultimate curl boosting routine.

The best thing? Using Protein Booster doesn’t involve any extra steps, simply add 6 drops to a small palmful of your cleanser and/or your conditioner depending on how much TLC your hair needs. Then rinse out for a lighter dose or add to your leave-in products as well for a more intensive effect. Improved elasticity and stronger bonds are yours for the win with just a few of our protein hair drops.

We hope these tips are useful if you’re on the road to restoring your natural curls, but feel free to reach out to for more personalised hair advice.

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