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How to diffuse curly hair
5 minute read

How to diffuse curly hair in 5 simple steps

If you ask us what’s one game-changing move for curl, wave and coil routines? We’ll say the diffuser every time. Using a diffuser is a great way to enhance curl definition and create big volume (the dream combo). It’s also much faster than leaving hair to air dry, which is ideal for when you’ve got somewhere more interesting to be than the bathroom mirror.


Maybe you’ve hung out with your diffuser before but can’t seem to figure out how to get those voluminous curls just right. Or maybe you’re looking to shake up your routine with some new tricks.


Read on to find out our five-step method for a flawless diffuse finish.

How to use a diffuser

Here’s our quick rundown of a diffuse drying routine for minimal frizz, maximum volume and curl definition in as little time as possible.

  1. Prep your hair: After washing hair and applying your styling products, scrunch out excess water with our Curl Towel. This will shorten drying time and encourage curl definition. You’re off to a great start!
  2. Dry in sections: Tip your head upside down, take a medium-sized section of hair and place into the diffuser bowl and hold for 30 seconds. Turn the hair dryer off. Move to a new section. Repeat until all sections have been diffused.
  3. Build volume: Tilt your head to one side and repeat the same process, working section by section. Flip your head to the other side and repeat.
  4. Keep going: Once your hair is roughly 80% dry, pop in some root clips and leave to air dry. Or, keep diffusing – some diffusers have extendable prongs which make it super easy to reach and lift roots.
  5. Shake and go: Once hair is 100% dry, fluff out at the roots with your fingers. Do this with your head flipped forward for extra volume. Scrunch hair with a few drops of Revive 5 Hair Oil to release any cast formed by your styling products. Once upright, give your head a gentle shake to help curls naturally fall into place.

Diffuse like a pro: quick tips

Here are our quick-fire tips to diffuse like a pro.

  • Try to touch your curls as little as possible while diffusing to also protect shine and definition.
  • Be patient! Only fluff and scrunch out your cast when hair is 100% dry.
  • If you can, give hair a couple of hours to ‘set’ before you head out or jump into bed. This will keep your curls at their beautiful best for longer.

You’re all set with everything you need to get the best out of your curls when diffusing. You’ll be showing off voluminous, defined curls in no time! If you have any questions on your quest for the ultimate diffuse-dry, our experts are happy to help.

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