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Healthy hair starts at the root so taking care of our scalps is the first step to a great curlcare routine. Our Dry Scalp Serum gets to the root cause of dandruff, irritation and redness, leaving your scalp flake free and feeling good. It’s naturally powerful and 100% made from plants.

The drops are super effective and easy to use, just add them to your shampoo or cleanser to calm and soothe, it’s all about supporting a healthy scalp microbiome.

The key ingredients

Our vegan formula is infused with organic Argan oil to keep the scalp moisturised, Jojoba oil, to mimic natural sebum and help skin repair and Vitamin E to soothe the scalp and strengthen the skin barrier.

The main active in our Dry Scalp Serum is Propanediol Caprylate - a planet friendly ingredient that gets to the root cause of dandruff, reducing redness, irritation and keeping the scalp flake free.

Dandruff, dry scalp and curly hair

Curly hair is unique in its shape - this means natural oils tend to remain at the top of our hair and if this is combined with less frequent washes and extended protective styles, our scalp may suffer more from build ups and flakes.

Our customisable drops provide instant relief from irritation and reduce dandruff from the first wash with a significant improvement after four weeks.

Create your own scalp repair routine for healthy curly hair

Use Dry Scalp Serum every wash day until you feel it is working and then continue to use weekly or every two weeks to keep that great feeling of flake free hair. Tailor your way by mixing Dry Scalp Serum into your favourite cleanser at the regularity you need.

Watch how Bria (@ukcurlybria) uses Dry Scalp Serum in her routine:

We’re all for natural remedies, but If your dandruff isn’t going away or if you have severe dandruff, you should make an appointment with a trichologist as there are other conditions that cause scalp irritation and flakes.

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