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Bouclème's detangling wet brush and wide tooth comb
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How to use your Wide Tooth Comb for curly hair definition

Curls, waves and coils respond well to lots of TLC. It’s not just the products we use that show our textured locks just how much we love them, it’s the tools we use, too. Opting for combs and brushes that are specially designed to maintain the integrity of curls, waves and coils is key. 

And that’s because curly hair is very particular. Because it doesn’t grow straight or evenly from the root, it needs extra care and attention. Its unique pattern means it’s far easier for curly hair to dry out, resulting in more breakages and split ends. Pulling any old hairbrush or comb through your locks may cause damage, as well as cancel out your curls’ natural shape. 

New biodegradable detangling tools

Bouclème's detangling wet brush and wide tooth comb

That’s why we’ve created our own tools, tailor-made for effortlessly managing your curly hair. Our Detangling Wet Brush is a must for wash days, while our Wide Tooth Comb for curly hair is a cinch for styling and maintaining your tresses post-wash. 

Whether you want to detangle with ease, style or simply enjoy maintaining your hair, we’ll walk you through how to use your wide tooth comb and detangling wet brush for curly hair definition.

Why is a wide tooth comb beneficial for curly hair?

The best wide tooth comb for curly hair is one that won’t create additional pulling, tension or knots, when used gently and correctly. Curly hair is fragile, so using a wide tooth comb is the gentlest, most effective way to detangle, style, distribute natural oils and stay true to your natural curl pattern without causing damage and breakage. 

Here’s why we’re so excited about our new Wide Tooth Comb and Detangling Wet Brush.

Detangles with ease

Bouclème's wide tooth comb

A detangling wide tooth comb for wavy hair, curls and coils gently detangles wet hair without pulling or tearing it, reducing breakage and damage to the hair strands. If using on dry hair, ensure it’s been blow dried first.

Our biodegradable Wide Tooth Comb’s thick and blunt wide teeth imitate gentle finger detangling, while a smooth texture creates a seamless combing experience with no snags or snapped strands. The handle offers supreme grip, even when wet. 

The detangling wide toothed comb effectively sinks into thick hair roots and detangle your tresses in half the time, leaving you free to get on with being you. 

Distributes natural oils

A wide tooth comb will also help distribute natural oils evenly throughout your hair. This is essential to maintain healthy hair as these oils help protect and nourish the strands, reducing dryness and split ends. It will also stimulate your scalp, increasing blood circulation and boosting hair growth.

Kinder on your scalp

The gently tapered teeth on our Wide Tooth Comb are designed to be smooth as you pass it through your locks and over your scalp. Unlike sharper fine tooth combs, a wide tooth comb won’t drag, scrape or damage the delicate skin on your scalp. 

Styles without damage

The wide teeth won’t get caught on bigger strands, so no pulling or yanking. Use a wide tooth comb to:

  1. smooth out hair
  2. fluff out roots 
  3. build volume

Plus, our wide tooth comb for curly hair fits perfectly in a handbag for touching up your hairdo on the go. It also has a handy hook for hanging in the shower.

Easy to clean

Unlike densely bristled hair brushes or fine tooth combs, wide tooth combs are easy to clean. Just remove any loose hairs, and if any product residue remains on the comb, wash with a clarifying shampoo.


Detangle your hair while caring for the planet. Both our Wide Tooth Comb and Detangling Wet Brush are plastic free and made with all-natural, renewable plant starch.

How to use a wide tooth comb or detangling wet brush

To protect your hair from damage and detangle efficiently, always rely on a wide tooth comb or a specially designed detangling brush to glide through curly hair. Here’s how to do it.

Bouclème's detangling wet brush

1 Work with wet hair

Trying to detangle dry curly hair or waves is Just. Not. Fun. (We know from experience). It also causes breakage to the hair shaft. Take it from us: you’ll have a much better time if you work with wet hair. We always recommend brushing your hair when it’s wet to prevent frizz, too. 

2 Smooth on a deep conditioner 

You need a bit of ‘slip’ to detangle with ease, so smooth on a deep conditioner from root to tip. We love our Intensive Moisture Treatment, which makes detangling a breeze while restoring moisture, definition, shine and health. 

3 Detangle with your fingers first

Detangle with your fingers to deal with any serious knots. You can more carefully separate any big tangles with your hands, rather than breaking the hair.

4 Start with the ends

If your hair loves to knot up, divide it into sections and start at the ends. Gently detangle while working your way up, then move onto the next section. This allows you to move through your hair, untangling each snag as you encounter it, rather than compounding all the knots at the ends.

This is the safest time in your hair care regime to comb or brush your curls. Gently glide through tangles with our Wide Tooth Comb – it’s perfect for all textures and patterns. Plus, it has a handy hook for hanging in the shower. 

5  Distribute styling products evenly

Use our biodegradable Detangling Wet Brush to help distribute product evenly through the hair and enhance curl definition. 

6 Take your time

If your hair is seriously knotted up, your detangling session may take a while. Rushing the detangling process can lead to frustration, ouchy moments and hair breakage. So take your time and turn it into a mini self-care session. Pop on some tunes or your favourite Netflix series and enjoy the process.  

Add our Detangling Wet Brush and Wide Tooth Comb into your hair care routine to easily glide conditioner and treatments through your curls, while gently detangling tough knots.

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