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Humidity Hair Hacks
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Humidity hair hacks for curly hair

We’ve all been there – hours of perfecting wash day techniques and practising styling, just to step outside and be greeted by frizz. But with our humidity know-how, you can achieve the definition your curls deserve.

Anti humidity curlcare

It’s not you – it’s the dew point

The dew point is the temperature at which water vapour condenses in the air. The lower the dew point, the drier the air. The higher the dew point, the more moisture in the atmosphere and the more humid it feels. You’ll find it in the humidity section on your weather app.

Dew and humidity can affect your hair by over-saturating the strands with moisture. Just as you might adjust your skincare routine through the seasons, adapting your haircare is important too.

Dry wintery days with a low dew point (below 2°C/35°F) leave your hair feeling thirsty and brittle to the touch. But when the dew point is high (above 16°C/60°F), you might find yourself reaching for products to keep your curls bouncy and defined.

So, how do you choose the right products?

Every curl pattern is different. And, depending on your hair’s porosity and thickness, finding the right products can feel like a long journey. But here’s the expert view on what to look for when choosing a product, whatever the weather.

Low dew point - below 2°C/35°F:

  • Goal: nourish, soften, add moisture
  • We recommend: leave-in conditioners, emollients (like moisturising oils and rich, creamy butters) and film forming humectants (like aloe vera, flax seed gel and agave) 

High dew point - above 16°C/60°Ft:

  • Goal: frizz control and curl definition
  • We recommend: lightweight formulas, strong-hold gels, glycerin free products

Understanding glycerin and humidity

Many curly hair products contain humectants like glycerin, an ingredient that absorbs water and helps draw moisture into your hair when you need it most. It’s great for curly hair that dries quickly and works best during normal conditions, when the dew point is between 2-16°C/35-60F. However, when humidity levels are high, glycerin continues to absorb moisture, leaving your follicles bloated, limp and frizzy. Not good!

How to prepare for humidity

Our Seal + Shield collection is totally glycerin free and packed with protective natural actives. Each product keeps your curls sleek and fresh whether it’s hot and sweaty, or cool and drizzly. It stops humidity in its tracks by sealing and then shielding your curls. If the moisture in the air can’t get to your hair, there’s no need to fear humidity.

Weatherproofing your curls

Beat the weather with this easy 3-step routine:

1. Cleanse

Refresh roots and revitalise curls with our Curl Cleanser. Our newly reformulated co-wash removes dirt and buildup whilst preserving your scalp’s natural oils.

2. Condition

Enrich your curls with Seal + Shield Curl Conditioner. Infused with Vitamin B5, cupuacu butter and wheat bran extract, our new lightweight conditioner controls frizz and keeps curls defined even in high humidity.

3. Style

Our Seal + Shield Curl Cream contains marula oil to hydrate thirsty locks, keeping softness and shine.

4. Hold

Maximise definition and lock in your products with Seal + Shield Curl Defining Gel. Our glycerin free gel is made from a plant based sugar complex for ultimate weather protection.

We’ve put our new collection to the test with Gena Marie. Check out their thoughts on the Seal + Shield frizz control routine below.

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