Another week done!

Is your head itchy? We thought it might be. That's normal, we're readdressing the scalp microbiome. Your sulphate laden products will have been harsh, stripping your scalp of moisture and removing the essential natural oils which are necessary for a healthy scalp.
Don't be fooled by the squeaky clean ethos it leads to dryness and unmanageable frizz.

Any silicone in your hair should now be detoxed allowing the nutrients within the range to fully penetrate your strands. This is when you'll begin to start noticing differences in the feel of your hair, the first most noticeable difference will be softness and manageability. The overall condition of your hair will improve week to week, month by month...

Top application tips
Getting your application method right for your curl type can make a real difference to your results. Our favourite methods for waves/loose curls are roping and praying hands, they create fabulous, juicy waves.

Roping: take a section of your hair from the front make sure it's wet and apply Curl Defining Gel to your hands and squeeze down the length of hair. Finish by squeezing waves up towards your head. Do this to each section around your head.

Praying hands: Pour some Curl Defining Gel into your hands place palms flat either side of a section of wet hair and smooth down length, repeat until all sections done.

Refreshing tips
Mastering your waves in-between washes days may take some time to work out. As a guide, if your waves feel dry use some Curl Conditioner, if they feel fluffy and need some help defining, use your Curl Defining Gel.

Follow the steps below to create your own bespoke refreshing spritz:
Curl Conditioner - mix 1 part with a little water in a spray bottle or flairosol, shake and spritz hair all over. Smooth, scrunch into waves and diffuse. Finish with a little Super Hold Styler or Curl Defining Gel if needed.
Curl Defining Gel/Super Hold Styler - mix 1 part with cooled boiled water and spritz hair. Smooth, scrunch into waves and diffuse.

We're here to help, and love to hear your feedback so if you let us know how you're getting on at!