Hello mid-way point!

Time is flying by...Hopefully mastering your product application and styling methods is becoming more familiar. By now you should start to notice a difference in the manageability and shine of your hair as all the plant nutrients have begun to penetrate, nourishing strands from the inside out.
This week we're focusing on how to look after your waves in-between wash days and sharing our top refreshing tips with you. It's natural for waves/loose curls to lose definition and drop with time so refreshing will keep waves bouncing and tip-top.

Refreshing tips
Mastering your waves in between wash days may take some time to work out. As a guide, if your waves feel dry use some Curl Conditioner, if they feel fluffy and need some help defining, use your Curl Defining Gel or Super Hold Styler. Follow the steps below to create your bespoke refreshing spritz.

Curl Conditioner refresh
Mix 1 part with a little water in a spray bottle or flairosol, shake and spritz hair all over. Smooth over the canopy, rope and scrunch into waves then diffuse. Finish with a little Super Hold Styler or Curl Defining gel if needed.

Curl Defining Gel/Super Hold Styler refresh
Mix 1 part with cooled boiled water and spritz hair. Smooth over the canopy, rope and scrunch into waves then diffuse.

Reach out if you have any questions, challenge@boucleme.co.uk, remember our team is here to support you during this transition and to answer any of your queries!