We’ve all been there. 

When it comes to curls, the weather is not always our friend.

We’ve listened to your woes, heard your hangups, and we’ve stepped up to fight the frizz. 

The Seal + Shield range keeps your curls feeling sleek and fresh in hot humidity or damp drizzle.

Why is humidity such a hassle?

Well, water in the air is absorbed by your hair. And the wrong product can make it even worse. Your favourite products might contain humectants like glycerin which keep moisture in – usually a good thing. But in humid conditions, it’s hello frizz.

The answer?

We stop humidity in its tracks by sealing and shielding your hair. If the moisture in the air can’t get to your hair, there’s no need to fear frizz.

We’ve replaced ingredients that cause unwanted texture with protective natural actives that seal and shield your strands.

How To Use

This three-step system will weather-proof your hair, setting you up for all-day definition. 

Step one: Use your favourite Boucleme cleanser

Step two: Enrich your curls with Seal + Shield Curl Conditioner

Step three: Style with Seal + Shield Curl Cream, adding Seal + Shield Curl Defining Gel for extra sleekness and hold

As always, natural and cruelty-free.

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