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How to grow long curly hair
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Bouclème x Zooki | How To Grow Curly Hair Naturally

We’ve teamed up with groundbreaking vitamin brand Zooki to bring you the ultimate guide on caring for your curly hair from the inside out.

Founded five years ago, Zooki is now an award winning health brand sold in over 33 countries.

So what makes their supplements groundbreaking? Not all vitamins can be absorbed by the body very well, so Zooki’s liquid formulations are all high strength and easily absorbed.

That’s right, they come in liquid form and are made from all natural ingredients so you can add a sachet to smoothies and juices or simply drink them on the go. No more forgetting to take hard to swallow tablets, which can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

We were even more excited to learn that they recently launched a new hair supplement, Hair Zooki, so we’ve joined forces to bring you the best tips to create a balanced routine that supports hair growth, naturally.

Protect your hair with an oil

The hot sun and dry air of the summer months call for extra TLC. Protect your curls from the effects of those harsh UV rays with our powerful Revive 5 Hair Oil. A super blend of five nutrient-rich oils, this skilful multitasker adds and seals in moisture and shine and offers heat protection to both curls and skin. Use it as a pre shampoo treatment on dry hair (to detangle and prep your curls for washing) or as a finisher to add instant shine to your style.

Bonus tip: Add a few drops of Revive 5 Hair Oil to your hair before diving into the pool to create a barrier between your hair and the chlorinated water.

Choose the right shampoo for your hair

Pick a vegan, sulphate free shampoo like our Hydrating Hair Cleanser to gently cleanse your scalp and remove product buildup. Perfect for all hair types, including fine hair, our best selling shampoo is infused with Sea Salt to boost volume and aid blood circulation to your follicles.

Love the naturally tousled, beachy hair you get from swimming in the sea, but not the dry crispiness it leaves behind? This hair cleanser will give you all the benefits of sea salt and none of the unwanted after effects.

Up moisture levels with a weekly deep conditioning treatment

During the warmer summer months, curly hair craves even more moisture than usual. Add a deep conditioning treatment like our Intensive Moisture Treatment to your weekly routine to keep hydration levels high and enhance curl definition. Containing a nourishing cocktail of marula oil, mafura butter, camellia oil, prickly pear seed oil and wheat bran with amino acids and fatty acids, this award winning mask is extremely versatile.

Just leave it in totally or partially or completely wash it out depending on the density and the texture of your hair. Either way, we recommend leaving it in for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow your hair to soak in all the nourishment. Strengthened, rejuvenated curls await you on the other side.

Repair your curls with a dose of protein

If your curls are feeling brittle and lacking definition, they may be in need of a protein shot.

Our powerful Protein Booster is enriched with strengthening ingredients and is super easy to apply – kind of like a supplement that you can boost your hair products with.

Simply add a few drops of Protein Booster directly to your cleanser, conditioner or Curl Cream in the palm of your hand and your hair will feel stronger from the first application.

The best part? It’s totally customisable so you can tailor it to your hair’s needs.

Power up your daily routine with these vitamin sachets

Just as we add nutrients like amino acids, fatty acids, and panthenol (vitamin B5) to our hair for nourishment and repair, incorporating vitamins into our daily diet is key for healthy and strong hair growth.

Hair Zooki is enriched with a winning combination of biotin (to boost keratin production and deliver nutrients to our hair follicles), zinc (for stronger hair strands) and selenium (to help thyroid function) aimed at nourishing our body and our hair. Plus, it’s naturally flavoured, so tastes delicious too!

The final step in your beauty routine? Collagen Zooki. These powerful sachets support your skin and hair from within thanks to the marine collagen in the formula (to support skin health and elasticity, cartilage and bones) and Vitamin C (which helps our body produce more collagen). Just choose your favourite flavours and take these handy sachets with you everywhere you go!

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  • A nutrient rich, lightweight oil by Boucleme that conditions and protects hair against humidity.

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    Hydrating Hair Cleanser


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  • Use these powerful drops of protein booster to improve hair elasticity and to strengthen your curls.

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