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Hats for curly hair and other winter accessories for women
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Hats for curly hair and other winter accessories for women

We love winter. Who doesn’t love wrapping up in woolly knits, cosy loungewear and big coats? The best bit, of course, is coming home to snuggle on the sofa in front of a crackling fire and Netflix.

And when the chilly season is upon us, we all know what that means: the search for the perfect winter hat begins. But for those of us blessed with curls, finding hats for curly hair can be a challenge. 

Read on to discover the winter accessories and hats for curly hair that will keep you warm but also protect the integrity of your curls when the temperature drops.

Why do we need hats for curly hair?

A decent hat is one of the must-have winter accessories for women. They look good, protect against the elements, and are an easy way to hide a bad hair day. 

For most people, picking out a cute and functional winter hat is easy. But for us curly-haired folk, it can be a minefield. Much of the material used in warm headgear seems to be out to get your curls! Fabrics like wool can cause dryness and brittleness in curly hair, while bulky knits can crush coils into submission, leaving flat roots and frizz.

Winter hats for curly hair should provide warmth while accommodating and protecting your natural curl pattern without causing frizz or breakage during the colder months. It’s essential to protect your curls with the right winter accessories when the environment isn’t exactly helping your hair thrive.

Bouclème’s silk lined hat for curly hair

Curly hair can be particularly vulnerable to the drying effects of winter, so choosing the right hat is crucial. And we’ve come up with a perfect solution. 


Bouclème's silk lined cashmere blend beanie


Introducing the Bouclème Silk Lined Cashmere Blend Beanie - your best friend come winter. Designed to protect curly hair from frizz and breakage, the silk lining reduces friction and helps to retain moisture in your hair. 

It’s made from a cashmere blend, which is super-warm and feels oh-so-soft on your skin, while a relaxed fit ensures there’s room for your curls to breathe. It’s perfect for protecting your curly hair during winter, keeping you warm and your curls frizz free. 

Choose it in Black for a chic look that will go with anything or Soft Pink for a more feminine vibe. The cable-knit adds texture and cosiness to your winter ensemble. 

Winter accessories, products and hats for curly hair

In the colder months, staying warm and cosy is a priority, but for women with curly hair, it’s equally important to find winter accessories that feel snuggly but that protect without compromising the beauty and integrity of your natural hair. 

As well as the Bouclème Silk Lined Cashmere Blend Beanie, there’s a wide range of winter accessories specifically designed with the needs of curly hair in mind. They’ll not only keep you comfortable in cold weather but also help you maintain those gorgeous spirals. Here are some winter accessories and products to consider:

1. The super-hydrating hair oil

Bouclème's Revive 5 Hair Oil for curly hair


Our Revive 5 Hair Oil is a nutrient-rich, lightweight oil that conditions and protects hair against harsh cold winds and drying central heating. It hydrates, boosts shine and creates glossy curls. Keep dryness and damage at bay with this winter essential. Plus, we donate 20p of each sale to Malaika to support young girls in Congo. 

2. The long, black coat

If you’re on the hunt for new winter outerwear, look no further than the classic longline black coat. Whether you choose tailored wool, go for a maxi length, prefer an oversized fit, opt for a cosy puffer, or even a leather trench, it will not only go with everything in your wardrobe – including your Silk Lined Beanie – but also effortlessly infuse that coveted sense of cool and ease we all aspire to achieve. 

3. Red alert

The colour of the season for A/W 2023 is red. Whether it's ruby, crimson, burgundy or good old-fashioned pillar-box scarlet, the red trend will inject the wow factor into your winter look. Head-to-toe red can be tricky to pull off, so use it to add a jolt of adrenaline into your day-to-day wardrobe. Swap out your usual black or grey for a shot of poppy or be on red alert via a bright bag or vibrant shoes. Finish up with your go-with-anything Bouclème Silk Lined Hat.

4. The joyful scarf

Bundle up without the bulk with the Bouclème x Preen Scarf. Made from 100%-recycled polyester that started life as plastic bottles and designed with British brand Preen’s iconic prints in signature Bouclème pastels, this chic accessory is perfect as a neck warmer when worn alongside your silk lined hat for curly hair. 

5. The faux fur earmuff

Faux fur earmuffs are a fun and fashionable option. They keep your ears toasty and your hair undisturbed. Look for pairs with adjustable headbands for a secure fit.

6. The pretty headband

Headbands and ear warmers are ideal for those who want to showcase their curly hair while keeping their ears warm. Opt for knitted, fleece-lined or faux fur or simply twist up your Bouclème x Preen Scarf to cover your ears and add a splash of colour to all-black outerwear.

7. The silk pillowcase

Cold winds and drying central heating all conspire to suck moisture from your curls. Keep your locks looking luscious with the Bouclème silk envelope pillowcase. Made from the highest-quality, 100%-mulberry silk with a thickness of 22 momme, our silk pillowcase keeps frizz at bay and helps curls retain moisture. Plus, it keeps your face crease free and glowing in the morning.

Ensure your curls stay well protected and stylish throughout the colder months by choosing our silk lined hat for curly hair. Our winter accessories options strike a balance between warmth and maintaining the health and beauty of your natural hair, making winter frosty and fun for those with curls, waves or coils.

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  • Pillowcase made from the highest quality 100% mulberry silk with a thickness of 22 momme

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  • Introducing the Bouclème scarf, designed with British brand Preen using one of their iconic prints in signature Bouclème pastels using 100% recycled polyester. Vegan friendly. Introducing the Bouclème scarf, designed with British brand Preen using one of their iconic prints in signature Bouclème pastels using 100% recycled polyester. Vegan friendly.

    Bouclème x Preen Scarf


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