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Holiday checklist: travel size hair products and other packing essentials
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Holiday checklist: travel size hair products and other packing essentials

When it comes to summer holiday packing essentials, we tend to stock up on SPF, curate the perfect wardrobe and invest in some gorgeously glowy makeup. But what about holiday hair products? If you’re jetting off somewhere sunny, your usual haircare routine just won’t cut it. Plus, who wants to lug around full-size products that take up precious packing space? Not us.


We’ve teamed up with Soulta Beauty to bring you the best summer holiday hair products and accessories. So before you set off on your summer sojourn this year, start collecting these travel size goodies to maintain and glamourise your luscious waves, curls and coils in the sunshine.

Which travel size hair products should I pack? 

Bouclème's on-the-go travel size favourites

Travel-ready sizes are the perfect way to care for your curls on the go. Whether you’re flying long haul or staycationing, small containers and bottles free up space in your bags. 

Our Best of Bouclème Gift Set has all your haircare essentials prepacked in a super-cute gold travel pouch. It contains our award-winning and bestselling Curl Defining Gel, Super Hold Styler, Intensive Moisture Treatment and Curl Cream. We also have lots of other travel sizes – mix and match your own Bouclème summer haircare travel essentials in miniature. 

How to look after your hair in the summer

Your summer holiday is a chance to rest, reset and return home feeling ready to face anything. But all that sunlight, seasalt and chlorine can play havoc with your hair, leaving it dry and lacklustre. Here are five hero holiday hair products you need to keep your locks frizz-free and your colour vibrant. 

Beat the frizz

Dreading the frizzy halo that seems to appear the minute you step off that plane? We’ve got you. Our Seal + Shield range keeps your curls feeling sleek and fresh in hot humidity (or damp drizzle, if you’re staying in the UK!). 


It works like this: water in the air is absorbed by your hair. And the wrong product can make it even worse. Your favourite products might contain humectants like glycerin that keep moisture in – usually a good thing. But in humid conditions, it’s hello frizz. 

 We stop humidity in its tracks by sealing and shielding your hair. If the moisture in the air can’t get to your hair, there’s no need to fear frizz. We’ve replaced ingredients that cause unwanted texture with protective natural actives that seal and shield your strands.


This three-step system will weather-proof your hair, setting you up for all-day definition. 


Simply use your favourite Bouclème cleanser. Enrich your curls with Seal + Shield Curl Conditioner. Style with Seal + Shield Curl Cream, adding Seal + Shield Curl Defining Gel for extra sleekness and hold. 

Protect your hair colour from chlorine

If you’re headed for some poolside action this summer, make sure you protect your tresses from hair’s number one villain: chlorine. It sucks out moisture and fades coloured hair. And how can we forget the dreaded blonde-gone-green look?! If you’re beach-bound, the salty-surfer vibe is great, but seawater is also super-dehydrating, leaving your hair rough.


Keeping your hair tied up or using a swim cap when you take a dip will help. If you enjoy swimming underwater, simply add a layer of Curl Conditioner or Intensive Moisture Treatment before swimming in chlorine or the sea. That way, your hair absorbs the product rather than the chlorine or saltwater.  


Wash your hair as soon as possible after swimming with a clarifying cleanser, like our Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo, and add a few drops of our Colour Toning Drops to keep your colour from fading.

Bouclème Colour Toning Drops

Protect from the sun

Summer hols usually mean sun – and lots of it. We’re sure you’re super-vigilant when it comes to slathering on the SPF, but what about protecting your hair from the sun’s harmful rays? UVA and UVB rays weaken your hair’s cuticle, leaving it dry, brittle and prone to breakage. 

multiple ways to use Bouclème's Preen Hair Scarf


We have a solution, of course, and it looks as pretty as it is practical. Introducing the Bouclème x Preen Scarf. Made from 100% recycled polyester that started life as plastic bottles and designed with British brand Preen’s iconic prints in signature Bouclème pastels, this chic accessory is perfect for protecting your scalp and curls.

Hydrate in and out the pool

If you take just one product, make it our Revive 5 Hair Oil. Seriously, pack it now and thank us later! This nutrient-rich, weightless oil conditions and protects hair against heat styling, UV rays and humidity. It locks moisture in, boosts shine and creates glossy curls.


If you know you’re going to be doing lots of swimming, pop some on before hitting the pool or beach to create a barrier between your hair and chlorine, salt and sun. Apply it with a conditioner to help it work its magic. Oil and water don’t mix, so without a layer of conditioner underneath, it won’t do its job. 


Plus, we donate 20p for every bottle purchased to Malaika, a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering girls through education in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Deep dive treatment

You may be relaxing on holiday, but your hair ain’t. Think about what it has to contend with: from harsh air-con and sun damage to the drying effects of chlorine and saltwater, your locks need some TLC. 


So, post-beach, make detangling a breeze with our Intensive Moisture Treatment. This deeply nourishing conditioning cream restores moisture, definition, shine and health. It smells divine too: a relaxing blend of rose geranium, patchouli and rose.

Your travel checklist: summer haircare travel essentials

1. Secret Scrunchie  

Secret Scrunchie from Soulta Beauty

For a stylish, compact solution to carrying your must-haves, take a look at Soulta Beauty's No Frizz Secret Scrunchie. It has a hidden compartment where you can keep all your evening-out essentials: coins, credit cards, keys, lipstick and ID. 

2. Curl Towel

Unlike heavy terry towels, our lightweight jersey Curl Towel absorbs excess water, leaving your strands hydrated, smooth and cared for – and packs down light.

3. Satin Diffuser Cap  

Black Satin Diffuser Drying Cap from Soulta Beauty

Soulta Beauty's Satin Diffuser Drying Cap fits on any hair dryer for fast and efficient drying away from home. Or simply use it as a regular satin bonnet to keep your holiday tresses smooth while you sleep. The perfect holiday hair accessory. 

4. Dry Shampoo 

For those lazy days where you’re just lounging by the pool or hiding away from the world, we recommend our Foaming Dry Shampoo. Perfect to apply between wash days, keep your curls volumised and smelling fresh. 

5. Hydrating Mist Spray Bottle

Bouclème Flairosol Mist Spray Bottle

This is another perfect between-wash-day solution. Just fill with water, and spritz away to add a even coat of moisture to rehydrate your curls after being out in the sun.

6. Seal + Shield Curl Creme

This glycerin-free lightweight cream hydrates thirsty locks for next level shine, even in high humidity. Your curls will feel super soft and look beautifully defined. 

7. Seal + Shield Curl Defining Gel

This glycerin-free medium-to-strong-hold gel gives long-lasting curls, coils, and waves definition and shine, even in hot and steamy climates. 

8. Intensive Moisture Treatment

We always love taking a few luxuries with us on holiday to add to our daily hair and beauty regime. There’s more time to pay your hair and body the attention it deserves.

Give your curls some TLC – a deep conditioning treatment to enhance and strengthen curls.

9. Revive 5 Hair Oil – UV protection

As we’ve already mentioned, don’t forget our lightweight oil. Keep dryness and damage at bay with this summer essentialWet Brush Basin Detangling Comb

10. Wet Brush Basin Detangling Comb

An essential for managing all hair types, the Wet Brush Basin Detangling Comb is designed to deal with salty tangles and knots.

11 . Extras

Don’t forget any styling extras like bobby pins, hair bands and our hair scarf. And of course, the ultimate in rehydration - your favourite reusable water bottle. We love these summery shades

Get 3 for 2 on all travel sizes with code 3FOR2TRAVEL for holiday-happy hair! Shop your favourite travel must-haves now. 

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  • Best of Bouclème Gift Set

    Best of Bouclème Gift Set


  • Introducing the Bouclème scarf, designed with British brand Preen using one of their iconic prints in signature Bouclème pastels using 100% recycled polyester. Vegan friendly. Introducing the Bouclème scarf, designed with British brand Preen using one of their iconic prints in signature Bouclème pastels using 100% recycled polyester. Vegan friendly.

    Bouclème x Preen Scarf


  • A nourishing, glycerin free, anti-humidity conditioner for long lasting, redefined curls.

    Seal + Shield Curl Conditioner


  • A lightweight, anti-humidity leave in conditioner to create defined, soft curls.

    Seal + Shield Curl Cream


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