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How to refresh your hair in between washes
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How to refresh your curly hair in between washes

Curly hair needing a little-pick-me up but not ready for wash day yet? We’ve been there. As much as we all love that feeling of freshly washed and bouncy curls, our busy schedules sometimes call for a quick refresh routine. Plus, washing our hair less often preserves the natural oils that are great for the scalp’s health (and healthy scalp = hair growth).

Bring out your best second, third and fourth-day curls with our tried and tested routine. Here’s the lowdown.

The first step to preserving your curls is looking after them at night. Protect your style with a bonnet or a silk scarf and opt for a silk pillowcase instead of using a regular cotton one. Made from 22 momme Mulberry silk, our Silk Pillowcase reduces friction on your hair while you sleep, leaving curls smoother in the morning. It also helps with fine lines and sleep creases on your face, making it the perfect accessory to your beauty routine.

To revive your second-day curls, simply fill our Mist Spray Bottle with water and mist generously over your hair. Alternatively, spot refresh individual curls that need more TLC. Applying water will reactivate the styling products used on day one and restore definition. Leave to air dry if possible or diffuse at a low heat, low speed setting to keep your ends protected. Once your hair is fully dry, shake your roots for extra volume.

To stretch your wash day even further or if you need a post workout curl boost, then keep on reading.

Start your refresh by deodorising your scalp. Mist Root Refresh directly on to your roots and massage with your fingertips. Infused with a cleansing blend of nourishing ingredients, Root Refresh is perfect to get that fresh feeling back into your curls.

Do you have an oil-prone scalp? Try Foaming Dry Shampoo instead. This wet foam dries to a powder that absorbs excess oil from your hair whilst giving lift at the roots.

Now let’s focus on the lengths of your hair.

Create your own curl refresh to fill our Mist Spray Bottle by mixing either Curl Cream (for moisture) or Curl Defining Gel (for definition) with water. Spray over areas that need refreshing⁠ and then diffuse or air dry⁠ to reveal shiny, bouncy locks.

Effortlessly refreshing curls between washes is now even easier with our new Revive and Refresh Kit. This limited edition, travel-friendly set is here to keep your curls on point during the holiday season and we can’t wait for you to try it. Have you nailed your refresh routine? Tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed.

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