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Keep your curls defined whilst travelling
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Top tips to keep your curls healthy and defined whilst travelling

Going on holiday or a weekend away can take a little planning when deciding what curly hair products to take with you. Are you going for a relaxing break where you can put a hair mask on and kick back in your robe and slippers? Or maybe you’re going to be on the go, taking in all that a new city has to offer?

If you’re going to be swimming and sunning yourself on the beach, you might want to protect your locks but also freshen up and add some glam for cocktail hour. Maybe you’re planning on doing all of these things? The good news is, we’ve got tips on the easiest and quickest ways to keep curls nourished and defined using our handy Bouclème travel size curlcare.

We put together this easy 3-step routine for styling your curly hair whilst travelling, so you can focus on exploring or unwinding. Sure, a cute braid updo might feel like it’ll be easier, but we’re here to help you rock your wash and gos whether you’re at home or away.

Simply pick your favourite cleanser and conditioner, add your styling combo and a treatment and you’re all set for your next getaway. And the best thing? All our travel sizes are 100ml or under so they’re cabin-friendly and ready for your carry-on luggage. Skip baggage reclaim and dive straight into holiday mode.

1. Cleanse and Condition

Boucleme Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner

After a long day out in the sun or swimming in the sea, it’s time to give those curls the care they deserve.

Start by applying Hydrating Hair Cleanser to your fingertips and gently massage onto the scalp and then rinse.

Follow up with Curl Conditioner, applying to the lengths of your hair rather than the roots. Detangle hair with a wet brush while in the shower, starting at the ends and working your way up to avoid snags, and leave some of that moisturising conditioner in if your hair needs extra TLC.

2. Style

Bouclème Travel Size Curl Cream and Curl Defining Gel

Whether you’re looking for more moisture or long-lasting hold, we’ve got the perfect finishers.

After conditioning, apply a pea-sized amount of Curl Cream to your hair section by section. Enriched with organic shea butter, coconut fruit extract, and kukui nut oil, our Curl Cream is a rich and moisturising leave-in.

Pro tip: A little goes a long way with our curling cream – if your texture is thinner or you’ve left some of that juicy conditioner in your hair, skip this step.

Next up is Curl Defining Gel, our non sticky, medium hold, serum-like gel. Pour a good amount into your hand and spread over both palms. Now place palms on either side of a section of wet hair and smooth down the length. Repeat until all sections are done. This technique is also known as the praying hand method and is great for smoothing cuticles down and aiding definition.

On to the final step!

3. Treat 

Bouclème Travel Size Serums & Treatments

We’ve saved the best for last. Lock in definition, keep your strands protected, and add a subtle shine to hair with our Revive 5 Glow for healthy and bouncy curls all summer long and beyond.

A rich combination of mongongo, moringa, kahai, daikon seed, and organic coconut oil with shimmering mica, simply shake the bottle, pour 5-6 drops into your cupped hand and spread across both palms, before lightly skimming over your hair for shine and humidity protection.

This lightweight oil with heavyweight moisture-boosting capabilities also multitasks as a body oil. Apply to décolletage, cheeks, arms and legs for the ultimate glow up.

We hope you’ve found our travel routine useful, let us know in the comments below how you look after your hair when travelling and any top tips you think we need to know about.



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