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Transform your hair in just 30 days with our challenge
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Transform your hair in just 30 days with our challenge

New year, new hair. We’re kicking off 2023 with another edition of our 30 day challenge.

We love helping our customers discover the best version of themselves and wanted to make it super easy for those starting their natural hair journey for the very first time - that’s why we created our 30 day kits.

Whether you’ve just discovered you have curly hair and want to learn how to look after it or you’d like to switch to plant based products, this challenge is for you.


How to tell if your hair is actually curly

If your hair looks frizzy and pouffy when you brush it out or if it frizzes up when it’s humid outside (even if you’re constantly straightening it) you probably have naturally curly hair.

Finding the best kit for your hair

Do you have loose waves, looped curls, tight coils or a mixture? Check out our curlcare page to learn more about different curl patterns and choose the right kit for you:

  • 30 Days to Waves: best for hair that is straight at the roots with S-shaped bends down the length and oilier scalps. Waves love volume and definition.
  • 30 Days to Curls: best for curls that loop and form easily. You might have a mixture of different curls and textures from tight loops to loose waves.
  • 30 Days to Coils: best for smaller, tighter coils. They tend to be thicker in texture but can be fine or mixed.

Before & after: inspiring curly hair transformations

We challenged three of our lovely IG followers to take the 30 days challenge and document their journey. These are their inspiring stories.

30 days to waves - Before & after

30 Days to Waves Kit - Minnie

What made you want to take the challenge?
‘I realised that I have wavy hair a year ago. I tried to recover my waves alone by using products from the pharmacy but when I realised this wasn’t working, I decided to ask for help. I contacted Bouclème asking for advice and their team, along with the 30 day kit, gave me the support I needed to understand how to recover my wavy hair.‘

What didn’t you like about your hair and what changes did you want to see?
‘Before knowing that my hair was wavy, I thought my hair was puffy and without a shape. But the reason why my hair was this way was because of all the damage caused by straightening my hair year after year. I wanted to see everything my hair is capable of, my wavy hair is in its full essence.’

How long did it take to start seeing results and what were they?
‘From week 2, I could see my waves were more defined.’

How have the results affected your confidence?
‘I’ve had a big confidence boost because I’ve been receiving so many compliments from my friends and family that I wasn’t expecting. They’ve been encouraging me to continue with this journey and embrace my wavy hair.’

What advice would you give to someone else struggling to love their curls?
‘Accept yourself and your hair, embrace it and get the best of it. It doesn’t matter what curl type you have, just love and embrace yourself.’

30 Days to Coils - Before & after

30 Days to Coils Kit - Aisha

What made you want to take the challenge?
‘I decided to take the challenge because I wanted to see if I was able to avoid heat styling my hair for 30 days. And in doing so, I feel like the health of my hair has definitely improved.’

How long did it take to start seeing results and what were they?
‘It took me until week three to see results (and by that I mean definition). Usually, I need to use quite a lot of gel for definition but by the end of week three I was able to see results with just a little water, Curl Cream and Curl Defining Gel.’

How have the results affected your confidence?
‘The results have definitely affected my confidence in a good way. I wouldn’t usually wear my hair out like in this picture but I think as I continue to look after my hair I feel like I’d be more confident to wear them out without slicking them down.’

What advice would you give to someone else struggling to love their curls?
‘Everyone has a different length, porosity and type of hair. Your hair is like a delicate flower - be patient and learn about YOUR hair and eventually, you’ll learn to love it’.

30 Days to Curls - Before & after

30 Days to Curls Kit - Laia

When did you start using Bouclème and what were your hair goals?
‘I started using Bouclème about a year ago with the 30 Days to Curls Kit and I loved it - I saw the results right away. I had crazy, frizzy hair and my main goal was to reduce frizz. Now my hair is much more defined, moisturised, and bright.’

What are 3 key learnings from the past year?
‘I have to admit that it hasn’t been an easy journey for me. I’ve learned that healthy hair takes time, and I’ve needed a lot of patience and wash day fails to embrace my curls. However, I’m so glad I started this journey because my hair has changed a lot.’

What advice would you give to someone else struggling to love their curls?
‘To be patient and try what’s best for you. There’s a lot of information about how to take care of your curls, and that can be a little overwhelming. So take it easy, try what’s best for you and not having expectations based on how other people’s curls look. That’s why the 30 day challenge is so great, it makes things simple because you have all the products you need inside your kit for healthy curls.’

If you’re ready to make a change and embrace your natural hair, we’re here for it.

Choose the kit for you and we’ll send you everything you need to help you along the way.

Still thinking it over? Check out our 10 tips to transitioning to natural hair or reach out to our curl experts at for more tailored advice.

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